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    Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008) was born out of public interest in the cultural issues presented in Peter Joseph’s first work, Zeitgeist: The Movie. Building upon the topics of
    social distortion and corruption, Addendum moves to also present possible solutions.
    Featured in the work is former “Economic Hit-man” and New York Times bestselling
    author, John Perkins, along with The Venus Project, an organization for social redesign
    created by Social Engineer and Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco.
    Addendum is constructed in four chapters. The first explains theprocess of Money Creation and Expansion through the Fractional Reserve System. It explains how Debt and
    Bankruptcy are not mere by-products of our current system, but rather are underlying
    realities of our existence with periodic failures guaranteed. Chapter two exposes various levels of international corruption via the financial/corporate system, including the
    manipulation of public leaders to further the interests of corporate institutions.
    Chapter 3 changes gears and depicts a possible solution to the growing social problems
    in the world today by the introduction of a new social concept known as a “ResourceBased Economy”. And in Chapter 4, a philosophical perspective is given in the hope to
    inspire change in the viewer and enable action to affect society for the better.

    Zeitgeist Addenum